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Lil’ Wayne - Green and Yellow 

(Warning: Some bad language. It’s Lil Wayne…)

For the Packers fans this Superbowl Sunday - Weezy made this for you.

Its a "re-made" version of Wiz Khalifa’s most recent single Black and Yellow.

For those of you who need an explanation as to why I’d ever post such a thing you can read further.


The whole reason i’m sharing this is because my FM transmitter has been broken the last couple months…therefore my only car listening option is the radio airwaves. Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow has been a definite favorite of mine most recently. You can bet that Steelers fans everywhere are most definitely jamming that song LOUD considering that the hook repeats “Black and Yellow” repeatedly. Not to mention that Khalifa hails from Pittsburgh and the lyrics as a whole represent that.

If you’re like me, you probably aren’t that huge a fan of watching American Football or most sports in general (though i do love playing them). But as we all know this upcoming Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. Yes, its probably the only time in the year that the television, not including watching movies of course, will have my attention for as long as it will. You can be assured i’ll be rooting for the Steelers as it is family tradition but I thought this song was funny and a great remake. 

You Packers fans now have a song of your own.