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Hey all,

If you haven’t heard my new website/portfolio is UP!

ALSO. I have 2 NEW blogs which have become my primary ways of communicating stuff art-related on the internet. 

That means I will pretty much no longer be using this one.

(at least I don’t think i will…)

Check them out & follow as well!

Yes, I realize how similar they may seem …but let me explain:

The first one is dedicated SOLELY to my personal work. That’ll be the first place after my website that you’ll be able to receive updates concerning that.

The second is pretty much everything else. Mainly stuff like: inspiration, what i’m listening too and other kewl things.

I just couldn’t commit to combining all of that stuff into one blog (due to clutter…) so I went with two.

I’ve also been thinking about doing a doodle blog as well but only time will tell.

Anyway, thanks for listening/looking and thanks for your support!

// Caleb

Top Albums of 2012

This year I listened to more pop and hip-hop/rap music than I have in my entire lifetime. Whether or not that was a “good” thing is your opinion I suppose. It’s funny though because it was just 4-5 years ago that the thought of listening to either genre was absolutely appalling..

Also, I’m not gonna try to convince you that you need to love these albums as much as I do (like I feel I might have tried in the past). But instead i’ll just say what I feel needs to be said and leave the rest to you. That’s what these are about anyway right? Just fun times.

That being said, here we go.

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The xx :: Last Christmas

'Tis the season.

Earl Sweatshirt :: Chum

"Get up off the pavement and brush the dirt up off my psyche.."


“MACHOTAILDROP”(The whole film)
Corey Adams & Alex Craig
(password: manwolf)


(The whole film)

Corey Adams & Alex Craig

(password: manwolf)

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Elite Gymnastics - Omamori (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Tame Impala :: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

From their album Lonerism. One of my favorites this year.

No, this one is better than the last. Geeeeezz….

No, this one is better than the last. Geeeeezz….

I want to marry this picture.

I want to marry this picture.

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